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We translate our clients’ visions into action, creating meaningful and memorable experiences. Drawing upon our extensive global network of artists, speakers and innovators, we curate and produce virtual and in-person exhibitions, conferences, and engagements designed to leave a lasting impression.


Strategic Vision & Creative Direction

Strategic Vision & Creative Direction

Curation of International Speakers, Artists and Educators

Live Event Hosting & Management

Live Event Hosting & Management

  • Hosting
  • Content Curation
  • Experience Design
  • Art Direction and Theme Exploration 
  • Talent and Entertainment Booking
  • Group Facilitation
  • Registration and Ticketing
  • Activities and Team-building
  • Budgeting
  • Logistics & Hospitality 
  • Venue Sourcing
  • Vendor Relations

Communications & Media Relations

Communications & Media Relations

  • Press Releases
  • Social Media
  • Marketing
  • Event-centered Community Building
  • Videography & Photography
  • Web & Graphic Design
  • Copywriting & Editing
  • Live Stream Tech Support
  • Website Maintenance & Content Management

Online Event Curation & Hosting

Online Event Curation & Hosting

  • Hosting
  • Content Curation
  • Experience Design
  • Art Direction and Theme Exploration
  • Talent and Entertainment Booking
  • Group Facilitation
  • Digital Event Logistics
  • Digital Event Technology 
  • Registration and Ticketing
  • Documentation
Globally Curated - event photo


At Globally Curated, we are committed to providing bold thinking, creative and inspiring ideas, and exceptional service. We offer everything from high-level creative direction and strategic design—to seamless end-to-end event planning, production and execution. Globally Curated can also confidently lead events in foreign markets with hallmark grace as well as cultural sensitivity.

Globally Curated founder Meghan “Megs” Rutigliano created the company in 2020 because she has a passion for building international networks and creating opportunities for artists, entrepreneurs, and innovators to connect with one another and to showcase their skills and talents in a way that serves her clients’ highest visions and goals.

Meghan Rutigliano speaking at Paris Talks

Megs speaking at Paris Talks

In her role as Global Network Lead for Burning Man Project, Megs produced 18 conferences in 8 countries for Burning Man, including Estonia, Finland, France, Denmark, Germany, the Netherlands, Spain, and Sweden. She has also worked extensively in South America curating art installations, performance, stages, circus artists, and workshops for the festival market. Megs recently partnered with Unsettled to launch their online product, The Global Passport, and supported Harvard Business Review author Charlene Li in launching her “Disruption Mindset” online leadership course curriculum and mastermind group.

Megs met Boenobo Zjo in the San Francisco circus scene and loves his bold web designs, playful spirit and social media savvy. Megs met Caitlin Mayernik during a lecture Megs was giving at Caitlin’s university. She loves Caitlin’s can-do attitude and immense creativity. You can count on this team to make work fun while getting things done.


Globally Curated - Meghan Rutigliano, Founder & CEO

Meghan Rutigliano
Founder & CEO

Caitlin Mayernik, Project Coordinator, Globally Curated

Caitlin Mayernik
Project Coordinator

Boenobo Zjo, Creative Services, Globally Curated

Boenobo Zjo
Creative Services Manager




Megs’ dynamism holds a room in rapt attention while seamlessly orchestrating a meaningful experience.

KIM COOK, Creative Director - Oakland, CA

Meghan was the perfect co-host for the first three in a series of virtual, informal conversations with creative placemakers across the United States. I am truly grateful for her contribution to the Community Coffee Talk series, offered by The National Consortium for Creative Placemaking. Her insights on engaging participants were on-point, and her unique, engaging, on-camera presence put everyone at ease. She is the consummate professional who makes it all look so easy.

ANDREA ORLANDO, Community Director, National Consortium for Creative Placemaking - Union, NJ

As a leader of the Regional Network at Burning Man, Meghan was very helpful and engaged in connecting and developing network connections. She also produced several conferences in the US and Europe for Burning Man and adapted easily to different cultural situations and scenarios. She is also very graceful on stage as a presenter and knows how to engage the audience to be interested in topics. I’ve also worked in teams with her as a leader and it  is a pleasure to see her in this role, she is very professional but at the same time very personal and thoughtful of her teammates.

MARTIN MARQUEZ, Burning Man Regional Contact - Buenos Aires, Argentina

Meghan is one of the most talented people I’ve ever worked with. She has that certain “je ne sais quoi” when it comes to bringing people together and getting things done.

RYAN WILSON, Multimedia Graphic Designer - New York State, USA

I’ve had the honor of working with Megs in several capacities over the eight years that we’ve known each other. Her passion, organization, ability to see the big picture and understand how smaller details fit into that larger vision, and positive attitude are stellar. Her communication and helping people understand their role as part of a whole make her a fantastic leader and collaborator. I look forward to future opportunities to work together again.

STACIE LEDDEN, Director of Strategic Partnerships, Anythink Libraries - Denver, USA

I have worked directly with Megs in six different countries spanning a period of over five years. The richness and diversity of her personal and professional talents working with intercultural teams is astounding. I appreciate her emotional intelligence which contributes to her being a strong global network leader and a successful manager to work alongside. Meghan Rutigliano also inspires me as a visionary, she oversees the big picture with grace and creativity. She is a people person, a woman of the world with a positive and culturally adaptive attitude. She’s a great listener with the ability to respect alternative viewpoints and capable of transforming any challenge into a glowing opportunity. She’s a gift to those around her, and has the amazing ability to bring out the best  in all of us.

TYPHAINE SOTÉS, International Art Project Manager, Burning Man Project - Stockholm, Sweden

Meghan is possibly the most talented person I know to spot when someone is genuine and has potential to do what they are aiming to do. She is also extremely good at spotting the opposite. Personally, I cannot thank her enough for all the help she has provided to the Finnish Burning Man community. While others were uninterested, she took personal risk and provided invaluable support. Without her, none of the highly ambitious and successful projects that crafted the community to what it is today, would have been possible.

ANSSI LAURILA, Burning Man Regional Contact - Helsinki, Finland

I have come to know Megs as a strong event organizer, who is able to develop and organise events that attract people based on their intrinsic interests and motivation, offering programs and speakers that are out of the box and cross-discipline. Through her strategic eye and large international network she is able to create connections that often develop into valued partnerships. Megs on stage is like a ray of sunlight in the room. As a host, she has a natural ability to put everyone at ease. Her presence is both as warm and welcoming as it is powerful, and she makes sure everyone stays on point.

ILANA SANDELOWSKY, Event Director, Urban Canvas - Amsterdam, Netherlands


Globally Curated - Writings: Unsettled

How Unsettled’s Community Accelerated My Career Change in Unexpected Ways

Last February, I stumbled upon the invitation to participate in Unsettled’s Lifestyle Incubator during one of my many, many visits to the drool-worthy, FOMO-inducing, Unsettled website where I’d go to fantasize about spending time with a bunch of other “digital nomads” for a spell in Costa Rica, Tokyo, Medellin, or Bali (just to name a few experiences on offer).

Globally Curated - Writings: Grand Elephant

Black Rock City Rendezvous in Nantes Part 1: The Grand Elephant

I just arrived today on the Isle of Nantes, France, home to Les Machines de l’île for the kick-off of what promises to be a fun-fueled weekend full of art, Burners, Makers, movers and shakers… and machines! The first ever Maker Faire in Nantes is taking place over the next three days in the Les Machines’ giant workshop right in the center of the city along the Loire River.

Globally Curated - Writings: ELS 2019

ELS 2019: Fostering Local and International Partnerships

The European Leadership Summit (ELS) begins tomorrow, April 11, in Denmark, and we can’t wait to welcome 200 participants from 22 countries to Aarhus, the “City of Smiles” and host to the 2017 European Capital of Culture initiative. As we gear up for tomorrow’s event, we wanted to highlight some of the many partnerships we’ve forged with local organizations in Denmark and internationally.

Globally Curated - event photo
Globally Curated - event photo


Globally Curated - event photo


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