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Globally Curated presents Reinventaissance - Saturday, February 27, 2021

On February 27, 2021 …

the Globally Curated Team brought together artists, entrepreneurs, and patrons for a day-long Winter Showcase to:

  • Celebrate the glorious artistic triumphs and “reinventions” we saw happening across the world and throughout our international networks during the COVID-19 global pandemic,
  • Provide peer-to-peer forums for artists, curators, and community members to share successes and best practices with one another, and to
  • Amplify examples of what we want to see MORE of in the future.

Our lineup included industry leaders from across artistic genres including: The Performing Arts, Nightlife, Museums, Visual Art & Fashion, The Music Industry, and Travel & Remote Work


Kick-Off: 8am PST / 11am EST / 5pm CEST

Program will run for approximately 7 hours, followed by Virtual After Party by Full Tilt Social Club.

Time Session Presenters
8:00 am PST
11:00 am EST
5:00 pm CEST
Opening Remarks & Indigenous Elders Acknowledgement Megs Rutigliano
8:20 am PST
11:20 am EST
5:20 pm CEST
Overview of Reinventaissance Program & Agenda for the Day Megs, Caitlin Mayernik and Armageddon Beachparty
8:30 am PST
11:30 am EST
5:30 pm CEST
Performance Burst with Miss Conception
Masterful performer, producer and lyricist Miss Conception will share her words with us. Her tales are beautifully wrought and spoken from the heart.
Miss Conception
8:40 am PST
11:40 am EST
5:40 pm CEST
Spotlight on Live Digital Visual Storytelling
Amsterdam-based visual storyteller Isabelle Hörl will be live drawing using her digital toolkit to create a visual map of the Reinventaissance journey.
Isabelle Hörl
8:45 am PST
11:45 am EST
5:45 pm CEST
Live from Detroit’s Armageddon Beachparty Lounge
The Reinventaissance will be streaming live from the Armageddon Beachparty Lounge in Detroit. Elena & Aubrey will share about their creative journey, their recent projects, and the ways in which they’ve addressed the challenges presented by the pandemic.
Elena and Aubrey Smyth
9:00 am PST
12:00 pm EST
6:00 pm CEST
Doctors of Joy in São Paulo
The Doctors of Joy have found ways to use clowning, coupled with technology, to create meaningful connections between performers and patients. The results are breathtakingly beautiful.
Wellington Nogueira
9:20 am PST
12:20 pm EST
6:20 pm CEST
The Process of Reinvention
Right after the corona lockdown was announced in The Netherlands, internationally renowned artist Dadara joined forces with Def P to celebrate Paradiso and Melkweg; two of the city’s most iconic music venues, which were facing months of silence because of the virus. Dadara will share about these and other projects, as well as his artistic process.
9:40 am PST
12:40 am EST
6:40 pm CEST
Keeping the House of Yes Thriving in New York City
House of Yes, located in Bushwick, Brooklyn is not only a thriving nightclub and performance space but also a welcoming creative and diverse community. Kae will share her discoveries and innovations from this past year.
Kae Burke
10:00 am PST
1:00 pm EST
7:00 pm CEST
Performance Burst with Ensemble Mik Nawooj (Oakland)
Ensemble Mik Nawooj’s core mission is to bring people together with disparate and different points of view by Method Sampling, which is a principle of borrowing and sampling from foreign fields and by reframing them, rendering a new system. During the pandemic, they’ve stayed busy in the studio. Join us for a performance burst featuring their new work!
JooWan Kim and Sandman
10:20 am PST
1:20 pm EST
7:20 pm CEST
Maya Culbertson-Lane aka Mama Fou
Mama Fou is founder and visionary behind Fou Fou Ha!. Her unique combination of a background in psychology and a love for performance art have enabled her to help artists and other creatives explore their shadow side. Her desire is to offer a joyous experience that gives others permission to be silly, to dance, laugh, and celebrate their humanity.
Maya Culbertson-Lane
10:20 am PST
1:20 pm EST
7:20 pm CEST
HONK! Festival of Activist Street Bands
Since its inception in the Greater Boston area over 15 year ago, HONK! has become a global phenomenon, with more than 20 HONK! Festivals worldwide and participating bands joining in from all seven continents – yes, even Antarctica. Join us to explore together with HONK! leadership questions around how they pivoted during COVID-19 to make their reach global and their community stronger.
Ken Field and Harris Gruman, with host Maya Culbertson-Lane
10:40 am PST
1:40 pm EST
7:40 pm CEST
Performance and Creative Placemaking in the New Age
Join leaders in the creative placemaking and performance realms from Carnegie Hall in NYC, Oakland’s Vau de Vire Society, Oakland’s Downtown Association, and art and architecture for a discussion about how COVID-19 is bringing about a reimagining of the future of live performance and the ways in which we interact with the built environment.
Wendy Magro, Steve Snider, Mike Gaines, and Doug Wittnebel
10:40 am PST
1:40 pm EST
7:40 pm CEST
Art as a Tool for Social Activism
Join morning presenters from Ensemble Mik Nawooj, HONK!, Maya Culbertson-Lane (Fou Fou HA!) and Wellington Nogueira (Doctors of Joy) for a deeper dive into their work and social activism, hosted by Nelson Gayton.
Ken Field, Harris Gruman, Wellington Nogueira, JooWan Kim, Sandman, Maya Culbertson-Lane, and Nelson Gayton
10:40 am PST
1:40 pm EST
7:40 pm CEST
Reinventing Art Spaces in Urban Landscapes
Join cultural stewards from Bilbao, Detroit, Reno, and Sweden for a discussion about art spaces and how they are responding to the challenges presented by the pandemic, and also how they are thinking about the future of their city spaces.
Karim Asry, Matt Schultz and Hillary Clark, Oren Goldenberg and Matt Naimi, with host Jesper Lejfjord
10:40 am PST
1:40 pm EST
7:40 pm CEST
What Does the Future of Travel Look Like?
As the travel industry was launched into a tailspin with the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, many organizations caved, while others kept themselves afloat by engaging their global community, even without seeing them in-person. Join these leading travel industry innovators for a look at reinventions around the way we engage globally.
Michaela Guzy, Evan Tzeng, Jonathan Kalan, and Sandhya Sudhakar
12:00 pm PST
3:00 pm EST
9:00 pm CEST
Performance Burst with LRAD
LRAD has been writing her own songs and performing since 2007. She plays guitar, ukulele and autoharp but her main focus is vocals. She calls her genre ‘haunt and harmony’ as it is meant to depict the chaos and sorrow of the souls innermost cacophonies. Her songs touch upon many topics including mental illness, addiction, heartbreak, sexual desire and the allure of abandoned places and industrial/urban environments within the rustbelt.
12:15 pm PST
3:15 pm PST
9:15 pm CEST
Steve Boyle in Conversation with Globally Curated’s Caitlin Mayernik
Steve M. Boyle is the CEO of Epic Immersive. Under his leadership, Epic has created 14-acre immersive experiences with 100+ actors. Steve is also a cofounder of The Immersive Design Summit and the founder of This Immersive Globe, a digital speakers series highlighting the best in immersive innovation from around the world and creating micro-grant opportunities for immersive artists whose backgrounds are underrepresented in the industry.
Caitlin Mayernik and Steve Boyle
12:30 pm PST
3:30 pm PST
9:30 pm PST
Programming to Serve Diverse Audiences during the Pandemic
Join this panel of dynamic leaders from San Francisco Asian Art Museum, the Museum of Africa Diaspora, Leonardo/ISAST, and Velocity Arts & Entertainment for a discussion about programming and engaging their audiences and communities during the global pandemic.
Indra Mungal, Vanessa Chang, Nia McAllister, and Gregangelo, hosted by Ken Harootunian
12:30 pm PST
3:30 pm EST
9:30 pm CEST
Innovations in the Performing Arts & Immersive Experiences
The pandemic has given rise to new thinking and innovation in the realms of the performing arts and immersive experiences. This panel will focus on the ways in which new group have gotten a jumpstart, existing groups have pivoted to make programming available online, and also on how the landscape of immersive experiences continues to grow and shift.
Jackie LaTendresse and Heather Thiel, hosted by Caitlin Mayernik
12:30 pm PST
3:30 pm EST
9:30 pm CEST
Breakthroughs in Visual Art and Fashion
From creating virtual reality paintings and finding new patrons in the Bitcoin space to keeping a thriving fashion brand amidst cancelled live shows and vending, to launching a new fashion line based on visual art, these power ladies have gone through it all. This panel will focus on innovation, creativity, and a forward-thinking mindset.
Taylor Swope, Brooke Einbender and Abi Fantastic, hosted by Carly Caryn
1:50 pm PST
3:50 pm EST
10:50 pm CEST
Boenobo Zjo aka The Klown
Between his Circus Metropolus, Airship Works and The Klown brands and his involvement with Vau de Vire, Boenobo’s unique combination of talents/skills and associations have given rise to a well-rounded perspective on what opportunities await as life revs back up, and how to best pursue them.
Boenobo Zjo
1:50 pm PST
3:50 pm EST
10:50 pm CEST
Spotlight on Oakland’s Jazz Mafia
Jazz Mafia has been able to use the pandemic to reach new fans and to engage fans online who typically don’t make it out to live shows. We’ll check out a show and hear from director and co-founder Adam Theis about how Jazz Mafia has pivoted.
Adam Theis
2:10 pm PST
5:10 pm EST
11:10 pm CEST
Regenaissance with Design Science Studio’s Roxi Shohadee
Design Science Studio is a decade-long anticipatory art and design-driven accelerator inspiring a future that works for 100% of LIFE. DSS empower global creators, systems thinkers, organizations and initiatives to work together to imagine, collaborate and create a regenerative future. It is an international program of the Buckminster Fuller Institute and habRitual.
Roxi Shohadee
2:25 pm PST
5:25 pm EST
11:25 pm CEST
Reinvention and Social Justice
Mark Brand is a pioneering chef and entrepreneur in the field of Social Impact and Community Development. Brand has recently been appointed to the United Nations Catalyst team focusing on food waste, poverty, and the impacts of current systemic structures on the most marginalized. At the root of everything he works on, his belief is that the solutions are all attainable with deep cooperation and the understanding there is no “Us and Them, only Us.”
Mark Brand
3:00 pm PST
6:00 pm EST
12:00 am CEST
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The vibrant international networks of artists, musicians, event producers, community builders and curators have been hit hard by the economic and social chaos brought on by the COVID-19 global pandemic. These groups that contribute so very much to human experience have been left to struggle, to keep themselves and their companies afloat, and have been told to “just figure it out.” And, even when they have a success during the pandemic, some report feeling they have to downplay it for fear of upsetting others who are having harder times.

At Globally Curated, we believe that music, art, performance, live events and cultural experiences add color, texture and meaning to our lives. Throughout 2020, we’ve seen artists use their creativity to triumph over adversity for the sake of art, culture and community by:

  • Finding light and self-expression in the “dark winter”
  • Creating safe virtual spaces to gather amidst times of societal desperation
  • Employing technology to manifest their artistic visions and contribute to their communities and to society as a whole.

Globally Curated is committed to:

  • Celebrating the glorious artistic triumphs we’ve seen in 2020 and foresee in 2021
  • Providing peer-to-peer forums for artists, curators and community members to share successes and best practices with one another
  • Amplifying examples of what we want to see MORE of in the future